Wherever you find yourself, there is a potential customer and it’s your responsibility to market your products and services. Business cards will always be a part of the marketing landscape. We supply high quality of lithographic printed full colour business cards on 350gsm matt art with a UV varnish on the front only and ready for dispatch within seven days!

Single- or Double-sided printing
QUANTITIES TO ORDER: 500, 1000 or 2000.
Standard sizes to order: 50x90mm
NB! We design, print and deliver nationally or internationally.

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We design and print any size. Our paper stock is of the highest quality and our printing even better! Market your products, services and events using high quality posters printed in stunning colours.
Available standard poster sizes: A3 = 297×420, A2 = 420×594 and A1 = 594x841mm
QUANTITY TO ORDER: 250, 500, 2500, 5000, 10 000, 15 000, 20 000, 50 000 or 100 000
NB! We design, print and deliver posters nationally and abroad at affordable prices.

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The perfect way to grab attention of potential clients is to display banners and flags to advertise your product to your target market. Indoor or outdoor flags and banners are the perfect marketing tool that can be used at events, exhibitions and in your business premises. Advertising is an integral part of marketing a business and visuals such as banners and flags advertising play an important role.

In order to draw attention, you need to make use of an advertising tool that is eye catching of which banners are the perfect fit. There are numerous benefits for using banners and flags if you have a business and the opportunity to showcase your business at events. Banners are quick and simple to order, we can design, print and deliver them at your business anywhere in South Africa.

Pull up banners and flags are great for conferences, events and exhibitions to bring your brand to life. Impressive banners and bright quality flags are a high impact and cost-effective tools that can be used over and over. We produce and supply all types of Banners, Flags, Table covers, Exhibition rollup Banners and other items, onto a variety of Materials. The majority can be for internal or external use, with all production being done for you.

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Glanza offer specialized website design services for businesses and organizations. Your website is the expression of your business and it should represent the uniqueness of your brand. Your website should improve the communication between your business and your customers also have the functionalities required to enhance and grow your business. A best designed website will set your business brand above your competitors. 

With custom Web Design there are no design limitations, and we can therefore create your website exactly the way you want it. We are the best for providing custom designs, and we are dedicated to truly understanding your business in order to leverage our expertise and skillset to help you accomplishing your specific business objectives. We will ensure that your website design meets all your business requirements, setting you apart from your competitors. 

We will design your website from scratch, offering beautifully attractive design that will be unique and appropriate to your business needs. We offer excellent after-sales service, and we are always available for any website maintenance or upgrades after completion.

Our custom design services include:

  • New Website Design – Responsive Web Design 
  • Website Copywriting 
  • Graphics Design 
  • Domain Registration 
  • Website Hosting 
  • Website Redesign 
  • Website Maintenance 
  • Search Engine Optimisation 

Advanced Web Development options:

  • Online Quoting Systems 
  • Online Booking Systems 
  • Online Ordering Systems (EFT payment option) 
  • E-commerce Websites 
  • (Credit Card payment integration for website baskets) 
  • Online Applications and Registration Forms 
  • Websites with Members Area Login Facility 

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Drive traffic of potential clients to your business to purchase your products and services using high quality printed flyers. Printed and well-designed flyers can easily bring attention to your business to promote your products and services that your business offers. Flyers are inexpensive and effective for targeted market, cheaper especially when printing high volume; printing can be single or double sided and folded flyers.
Available usual sizes to order: A6 = 105x148mm | A5 = 148x210mm | A4 = 210x297mm | A3 = 297x420mm
QUANTITIES TO ORDER: 5000, 10 000, 15 000, 20 000, 50 000 or 100 000

NB! We design, print and deliver flyers nationally and abroad at affordable prices.

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Whether it is single or multi sheet wall calendars, desktop calendars and desk planners, they are essential business tools. Calendars offers opportunities to market your business, products and services professionally 24 hours for full twelve months.
AVAILABLE STANDARD SIZES: Tent Calendars = 99x210mm, A4 = 210×297, A3=297×420, A2 = 420×594 and A1 = 594x841mm

QUANTITY TO ORDER: 250, 500, 2500, 5000, 10 000, 15 000, 20 000, 50 000 or 100 000
NB! We design, print and deliver posters nationally and abroad at affordable prices.

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Start your business by registering your company, talk to us we will register business on your behalf we are expects, fast and reliable. Wherever you’re, for you we can register Companies, Co-operatives and Intellectual Property Rights such trademarks, patents, designs and copyright.

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Embroidery, Heat Press and Screen-printing services. Business branding includes branding of clothing for branding, uniforms and promotional clothing. At Glanza we can brand clothing supplied by you on your behalf and we able to supply promotional clothing from cheapest to highest available quality. Types of branding can be embroidery, heat transfer or screen-printing, assign us to design and brand your clothing products, we are the best.

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Our company offer professional photographic and filming services from the heart of Gauteng Province and we travel anywhere in South Africa to serve our clients. Glanza captures top-notch quality Portraits, Landscapes, Product photography, Events Photography and Filming Services. We also serve corporate, advertising and editorial clients, we easily adjustable to meet any brief’s specific requirements. Passionate about crafts with creativity that never compromise attention to detail, shooting projects in the studio or at desired locations. If you’re hosting your birthday party, celebrating your wedding and hosting event please engage us as your videographers and photographers, we will deliver the best striking outstanding quality videos and photographs – we are the best.

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Your business software capacity requires certain hardware requirement to work effectively but most software may be perfectly compatible for your current hardware. Advanced software such as accounting, design and gaming software must have access to high capability hardware to function effectively. We are advising you to contact us for hardware that is appropriate for your needs and business. Glanza supply individuals, businesses, government departments and organisations with quality computers, laptops, notebooks, and hardware accessories. We only provide best brands of desktop and laptop computers to our clients at reasonable prices. Request your free quotation, click here
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